Root Canal Treatment

Most of us have had the experience of dental pain in the form of a toothache. Of course, no one wants to encounter that condition! However, rest assured that the pain can be effectively eliminated, usually while saving the offending tooth. Endodontics, which is the elimination of a diseased dental pulp containing the painful nerve tissue, is predictably good at stopping the pain. To keep things simple, we refer to this treatment as a "root canal treatment." Everyone is our office is experienced in helping you return to comfort and reduce any fears you may have when dealing with the pain often referred to as a tooth ache.

To explain in more detail: Your teeth contain soft tissue, nerves and canals that travel from the surface to the root. Sometimes, whether from decay or external damage, this tissue and pulp can become vulnerable to irritation and infection. Once an infection is established within the tooth, patients can experience extreme pain and discomfort in the nerve. A root canal treatment is the best way to stop the pain, clean out the tooth and put preventive measures in place against future infection.

Root Canal Tooth

Our dentist can use delicate instruments and advanced technology to get into those tiny canals, and clean out any infected material within them. Typically this is done by drilling small holes into the tooth itself. Damaged parts are removed, and debris is gently washed away. After the cleaning, your dentist may choose to put medication into the tooth or simply seal it back up, depending on the severity of the infection. Special sealer paste and a rubber compound fill the empty cavity, and a filling is placed at the top to finish the job.

Generally, patients do not find the root canal treatment to be terribly painful, especially after the discomfort of the infected tooth. Our dentist will make every effort to keep you comfortable throughout the process. Visit our Patient Center to learn more!